Car Detailing Franchises


Our franchisees choose where and when they want to work.  You can build your customers to suit your lifestyle. We have software and tools in place to assure our system works and supports the franchisee. Imagine performing a cut and polish on a Yellow Lotus first thing in the morning, then catching up for a coffee with friends at a local café. Continue your day detailing a motorhome and go home for lunch. Detail this beautiful bike before picking up the kids from school. This could be your day with Jim’s Car Detailing.

Guaranteed Work

All our franchisees come with a minimum $1,100.00 work availability per week.  According to the statistics received 50% of new businesses fail in the first year mainly due to cash flow reasons. Our systems supports our franchisees making sure they meet the minimum PFWG (Pay For Work Guarantee). It’s important to remember most of our franchisees make a lot more than the guarantee.

Fair Fees

Our fee structure is not based on % of your income. You will pay a flat monthly fee which will cover advertising and admin costs. The more you make – the more you keep!

Call Centre

Never miss a call with our National Call Centre. The Call Centre staff will take calls and allocate customers to your phone as per request.

National Advertising & Marketing

Not good at advertising? Not a problem as most of the advertising and marketing is done by your Area Manager (Franchisor) and National. However we do recommend for you to self-promote and network locally to increase your revenue.