Car Detailing

Car Cleaning and Detailing

Our car cleaning and detailing packages are a signature services of Jim’s Cleaning; one of our most popular and in-demand cleaning packages right around New Zealand.

Professional Mobile Car Cleaning & Mobile Car Detailing Service

What Jim’s Car Detailing can do for you!We all love to drive a nice clean car. We all love the smell of a car that has just been cleaned. We all love the gleaming reflection of the sun off a polished bonnet but we don’t all love doing the work!

Jim’s Car cleaning & detailing  are professionals who love cleaning all makes and models of cars – helping to bring them back to their former glory!

We are experienced, trained and fully insured car cleaning specialists so you can be assured we will provide the highest level of care for your vehicle!

Jim’s Car Detailing also offers a range of services including:


Premium wash                           Mini Detail                       Exterior Deluxe Detail             Interior Deluxe Detail


Cut & Polish                              Full Detail                                Interior Deluxe Detail           Speciality Services


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