Cut and Polish

  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Bug and Tar Removal
  • Chamois Dry
  • Clay Bar Treatment for Removal of Contamination on Paintwork
  • Single Stage Cut and Polish for Removal of Light Scratches and Swirl Marks Whilst Adding Deep Gloss
  • Premium Quality Sealant Wax Application for Protection
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tyres Dressed

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Restore the Look of Your Car with Our Professional Cut and Polish Services

One of the best ways to bring new life to the overall look of your car is with a professional cut and polish services. This specialised process can transform your car’s appearance by removing dirt, grime and oxidation buildup. It’s an ideal solution if your vehicle has lost its original shine and now looks dull and dingy. It also can help to remove light scratches and swirl marks that can appear over time.

At Jim’s Car Detailing, our team of trained detailers has the right experience, tools and equipment to provide the best cut and polish services you need to rejuvenate your car’s painted surface. We thoroughly inspect each vehicle prior to starting the cut and polish process to ensure we use the correct compounds and tools to get the job done right.

Call our office at 0800 454 654 to learn more or to schedule your cut and polish service today.

What Is a Cut and Polish on a Car?

Cut and polish on a car is a two-stage process that helps to restore the colours and condition of your vehicle’s paintwork.

The “cut” stage involves the removal of a thin layer of clear paint that manufacturers use to protect the actual paint on your car. This thin layer is removed to smooth out the surface and to correct issues, such as debris buildup, light scratches and swirl marks, that are damaging the overall appearance of your car.

Once this top layer is removed, the “polish” stage begins. As the name suggests, this process requires a high-quality polishing compound to bring out the true gloss of your car’s paint. The polish stage gives your vehicle that new car shine again.

At Jim’s Car Detailing, we offer comprehensive car cut and polish services that include:

  • Handwashing of car’s exterior
  • Removal of bugs and tar
  • Chamois drying
  • Removal of contaminants from car’s paintwork with a clay bar treatment
  • Removal of light scratches and swirl marks using the single-stage cut and polish method
  • Application of premium quality wax sealant
  • Cleaning and dressing of wheels and tyres

Will Cut and Polish Remove Scratches?

The cut and polish process can help to remove unwanted scratches on the exterior of your car’s surface. During the cutting process, our car detailers use rotary tools to apply a cutting compound that helps to remove oxidation buildup and smooth out the car’s surface. As the surface is smoothed, the scratches will disappear. This process also helps to remove noticeable swirl marks that may develop from hand washing your car.

This process works best for light scratches that affect only the top layer of paint. Deeper, more pronounced scratches may require additional work. If you’re unsure if a professional cut and polish will remove all the scratches on your vehicle, give us a call at 0800 454 654 to learn more.

What's the Difference Between Buffing and Polishing?

Many people outside the car industry use the terms buffing and polishing interchangeably. The reality is that these are two distinct processes that utilise different techniques and provide varying results. While an abrasive substance is used during both the buffing and polishing process, the type of abrasive used differs.

Buffing uses a loose abrasive that typically consists of low to medium-grade grit. Polishing, on the other hand, uses a secured abrasive that is usually made from a high-grade grit. These differences may seem quite subtle, but polishing is considered by most experts to be a more aggressive process. In addition, polishing usually provides a brighter, more noticeable shine than buffing.

How Often Should You Cut and Polish a Car?

Some experts recommend scheduling a car cut and polish service two times a year. The reality is, however, that this is a personal choice and depends on several factors, such as how often you drive your car and under what conditions. It’s important to understand, however, that the cut and polish process doesn’t damage your vehicle’s paintwork. In fact, it helps to improve your car’s overall appearance.

The cut and polish process helps to remove dirt and oxidation buildup from the surface of your vehicle that can’t be removed by simply handwashing your care. It can also diminish the look of light scratches, swirl marks and other imperfections.

To determine how often you should cut and polish your car, you need to consider how important your vehicle’s appearance is to you. If you want your car to have a new car shine instead of a dull and hazy appearance, scheduling an annual or biannual cut and polish car service is your best option.

Is Cut and Polish Good?

When done correctly, the car cut and polish process can help keep your vehicle looking new and shiny even years after you bought it. However, if the wrong cutting and polishing compounds or techniques are used, it can result in lasting damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. This makes it crucial to let professionals handle the process.

At Jim’s Car Detailing, we have extensive experience working with all makes and models of vehicles. We carefully examine all cars to identify problem areas and determine which techniques and solutions to use. This combination added to our attention to detail can provide you with peace of mind knowing that when you bring your vehicle to Jim’s Cut & Polish, you’re sure to get the results you want.

What Makes Jim's Car Detailing the Best Cut and Polish Near Me?

For over 25 years, our team at Jim’s Car Detailing has maintained a strong reputation for providing top-quality New Zealand Wide services at affordable rates. We employ only the best of the best. Our car detailers are fully trained and come with years of experience. You can rest assured that when you work with us, your vehicle will come out looking great.

Our team at Jim’s Cut & Polish also offers a range of additional car detailing services, such as car bio cleaning, interior deluxe detailing, car headlight restoration, paintless dent removal and speciality detailing services. Our primary goal is to provide the best cut and polish for your car, truck, boat, caravan or bus.

You don’t have to settle for a dull-looking car or live with unwanted scratches or swirl marks. Instead, you can rejuvenate the exterior look of your vehicle by scheduling a cut and polish service with Jim’s Car Detailing. Contact our office at 0800 454 654 for more information, or complete our online form to obtain a free, no-obligation estimate today.