Speciality Detailing Services

Jim’s Car Detailing offers detailing services for all vehicles – big and small! Below is our list of speciality services ranging from caravans, boats, trucks and planes. If you have a vehicle that is not listed below but are requiring a detailing services give us a call.

Speciality services

  • A/C Sanitising
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
    * Includes exterior wash
    * Only available in approved locations
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Leather Conditioning
  • Over spray Removal
  • Fabric Protection
  • Paint Protection
    * Warranties may apply depending on vehicle age and condition
  • Sticker Removal
    * On site quote to be completed

Boat Cleaning services available

Saltwater and other elements can damage a vessel of any size, and it’s important to have a boat cleaning service that can properly remove it. When saltwater is left on a boat it erodes the surfaces, causing irreparable damage. Our cleaning team will expertly scrub your boat from top to bottom, protecting it from saltwater damage…and that’s just the beginning.

Leading the cleaning industry since 2001, Jim’s Cleaning has expert teams all over Australia, ready to work with you. We offer service technicians that are expertly trained to give you the best service possible, in an efficient and friendly way. We focus on the specific needs of you and your boat, and work in regard to that.

Give us a call today, and talk with one of our boat cleaning specialists who can assist you with creating a cleaning plan that works most conveniently for you.

We maintain the fact that we are Australia’s brand. Whatever you need, call Jim’s, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Truck Wash

We understand the nature of diverse business, and we adapt to that. The need for

mobilised services is evident in the transportation industry across Australia. That’s why when we offer you truck cleaning services; they’re the best in the country.

Our field people all wash vehicles according to standard procedures that we have around the country. We ensure the best quality while maintaining truck cleaning standards based on Australian laws, regulations, and conditions. Our meticulous methods offer you reliable, safe, service, brought to you by expert local staff.

Caravan Detailing

During the lifetime, caravans can experience more wear and tear than the average vehicle. Jim’s Car Detailing offers extensive list of cleaning, detailing and maintenance services that will keep your caravan looking good and running just as well as the day the keys were first placed in your hand.

Aircraft Detailing Services

We offer range of different services to our clients for their helicopters & private jets. Our services include shampooing the carpet and seats, leather cleaning and protection, full interior clean, exterior wash and detailing, cut and polish services including paint protection.

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