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Curtain Steam Cleaning Services

Jim’s Cleaning New Zealand Expert Curtain Steam Cleaning

At Jim’s Cleaning New Zealand, we keep it simple – quality curtain cleaning that works. Our expert steam cleaning is tailored to refresh your home quickly and efficiently. No gimmicks, just a cleaner and more inviting living space.

Our Steam Cleaning Services for Curtains and Drapes

Wool Curtains

Jim’s Cleaning NZ employs a meticulous steam cleaning process, specially crafted for wool curtains. This method not only removes dust and allergens but also ensures the preservation of the natural beauty and unique texture of wool, leaving your curtains refreshed and revitalised.

Synthetic Curtains (Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon)

Experience the effectiveness of Jim’s Cleaning NZ’s tailored steam cleaning method, designed to thoroughly cleanse and revitalise synthetic curtains. Whether they’re made from polyester, acrylic, or nylon, our process ensures a fresh and vibrant appearance, breathing new life into your curtains.

Jim's team cleaning simultaneously.

Linen Curtains

Our specialised steam cleaning is meticulously applied to maintain the crispness and natural texture of linen, guaranteeing your curtains remain in impeccable condition, enhancing the overall appeal of your living spaces.

Cotton Curtains

Explore the difference with Jim’s Cleaning NZ’s gentle steam cleaning approach for cotton curtains. This detailed process not only preserves the vibrant colours but also the softness of the fabric, ensuring your curtains make a lasting and inviting impression in your home.

Bold Patterns and Colors (Mixed Fabric Blends)

Trust Jim’s Cleaning NZ to safeguard the brilliance of curtains featuring bold patterns and colours, crafted from mixed fabric blends. Our gentle steam cleaning process is tailored to keep these curtains vibrant and eye-catching, enhancing the aesthetic of your space.

Additional Curtain and Blind Cleaning Services

Blackout Curtains

Jim’s Cleaning NZ specialises in the thorough cleaning of blackout curtains. Our precise steam cleaning method effectively removes accumulated dust and allergens, ensuring your blackout curtains not only maintain their effectiveness but also remain fresh and free from impurities.

Thermal Curtains

Discover the benefits of thermal curtains with Jim’s Cleaning NZ. Our specialised cleaning process ensures the effective removal of dust and allergens, keeping your thermal curtains both functional and fresh.

Sheer Curtains

Maintain the delicate beauty of sheer curtains with Jim’s Cleaning NZ. Our gentle steam cleaning process is designed to preserve the light and airy feel of sheer fabrics while removing impurities.

Layered Curtains

Experience the comprehensive cleaning of layered curtains with Jim’s Cleaning NZ. Our tailored approach addresses each layer, ensuring a thorough cleaning process that leaves your curtains looking pristine and well-maintained.

Synthetic Blinds

Experience the cleanliness and longevity of your synthetic blinds with Jim’s Cleaning NZ. Our tailored cleaning approach for synthetic materials, including blinds made from polyester, acrylic, and nylon, guarantees a thorough and revitalising cleaning process, leaving your blinds looking as good as new.

Natural Material Blinds (Bamboo, Wood)

Preserve the natural beauty of your bamboo and wood blinds with Jim’s Cleaning NZ. Our detailed cleaning process is specifically designed for these delicate materials, ensuring the removal of dust and dirt without compromising the integrity and aesthetics of your natural material blinds.

 Other Specialty Curtains

At Jim’s Cleaning NZ, we understand that every curtain is unique. If you have curtains with specific characteristics not covered in our listed categories, our team is equipped to provide customised cleaning solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can cater to your unique curtain cleaning requirements.


Why Choose Jim’s Cleaning New Zealand for Your Curtain Cleaning Needs

Expert Curtain Cleaners

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with a passion for curtain care. Trust us to handle your curtains with the expertise they deserve.

Affordable Cleaning Packages

Quality curtain cleaning shouldn’t break the bank. Explore our affordable packages tailored to suit your needs without compromising on results.

Police Checked Staff

Your safety is our priority. Rest easy knowing that our staff undergoes rigorous police checks, ensuring a secure cleaning experience.

Insured Service

We value your peace of mind. Our services are fully insured, providing an extra layer of protection for your curtains and your home.

Great Customer Service

Experience a seamless and friendly service from start to finish. Our customer-centric approach ensures your satisfaction at every step.

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