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Christmas Cleaning Tips

Christmas is often the busiest time of the year with shopping, guests, cooking, school holidays and all the parties. With everything happening at once, throw cleaning into the mix and you can have a recipe for disaster. That’s why the experts here at Jim’s Cleaning have put together a list of how to tackle your Christmas cleaning!

  1. START EARLY. Getting your house ready for staying over guests or parties with friends and family can be an enormous task.  Giving a deep clean to one room a week in the 2 months prior to Christmas will cut your cleaning time in half in the days leading to Christmas.
  1. DECLUTTER. Remember Christmas = things. Prior to Christmas, make sure you get rid of all the unnecessary ‘things’ you have laying around, the paperwork, unplayed with toys, the unworn and outgrown clothes. If you declutter before you start to clean you will also realise your house isn’t as daunting as you once thought.CLEAN YOUR FRIDGE/FREEZER. This is one of the most important tips if you are hosting any festive parties. Majority of party guests will bring a meal or help you set up, which means they will be going into your fridge and or freezer. Cleaning out your fridge and freezer is a big task especially if it is full of food. Although this is one of the biggest tasks on the list it should also be one of the ones done last, due to the risk of food or drinks spilling and you having to start again.fridge
  1. KEEP ON TOP OF THE BATHROOMS. With family and friends popping in more often during the Christmas period your bathrooms will need to be clean and stocked with toilet paper 24/7. As many of these visits can be ‘surprises’, doing a 2 minutes speed clean of all your toilets every night to ensure they are ready for anyone who pops in is a full proof method.
  1. BRING IN THE BIG GUNS. If you have been putting aside some of the big jobs around the house, now is the time to get them done. For example, getting the stains out of your carpets and or upholstery, getting your blinds repaired or getting your second storey windows cleaned. To save you time and effort, getting these professionally done can make a world of difference to the look of your house as well as take some of the pressure off yourself.
  1. CALL IN SANTA’S LITTLE HELPERS. After all the cleaning and preparation leading up to Christmas, we all deserve a rest to avoid over working yourself during the lead up we advise you to employ Santa’s little helpers. Depending on their age, tasks can be delegated taking some of the stress off you (given they do it correctly).

Don’t let your Christmas preparation take away the joy of the festive season. Start early, delegate, delegate & delegate! Following the steps mentioned above should help ease the stress of hosting guests. On the other hand, if you don’t have time or if you would rather spend your time doing other things, you can always call in your local festive cleaning experts on 0800 454 654 or book below.