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Wax v Polish – What’s the difference?

By January 16, 2020Blog

Wax v Polish – What’s the difference?


Unfortunately, unless we keep our cars wrapped up in bubblewrap, they are going to incur imperfections and like all car owners, you are going to want to fix them. The question is how? We all know for the best results you need to call in the professionals but what do you do if you have a few minor scratches here and there? Can that be something you can fix on your own?

The short answer is yes! With the correct products yes you can fix them and in the worst case, you will not create any further damage. A simple yet effective way to get rid of minor scratches is to wax and polish your car. People often get confused thinking one product is better than the other or using one will be sufficient however, the difference is important. In fact, they are basically polar opposites, yet so great when used together.

Car Polish

Car polish is an abrasive material that will help you remove the top layer of ‘protection’ from your car e.g. old wax. If any of the scratches are on the surface of this ‘protection’ layer, then you will be able to remove them on your own. Now don’t get alarmed, it is very gentle and will not ruin your car’s paint job. After your car has been washed and dried, applying polish will smooth out the surface and scratches while removing any leftover dirt leaving your with a car so shiny you can see your reflection.

It’s important to use a high-quality polish for a few reasons: newer/higher grade polishes gradually become smaller as you work with them and they often vanish into the pain, creating a fuss-free clean-up prior to your wax.

Car Wax

On the other hand, car wax leaves a protective layer around the outside of your car which helps protect it against the elements. Not only does it protect your car, but wax also leaves your car with a showroom shine.

There are various types of car wax, natural, synthetic and paint sealant to name a few. They all have similar characteristics but they do not all leave the same level of protection and finish on a vehicle. It is best to do your research and find what will be the best product for your vehicle based on its condition. Waxing your car should always be the last step. As it is going to be your car’s protection you do not want to risk taking any of it off when you are cleaning or polishing your car.

If you cannot remove the scratches on your car, give your local Jim’s Car detailer a call and we can come and assess your vehicle free of charge!

In The End

As you can see, if you want the showroom finish you can’t really use one without the other. Every perfect finish needs a perfect base. So from now on, you won’t be thinking should you wax or polish, you will find yourself thinking which type of wax best compliments the polish on my car.